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Vegatrem VT1 Ultra Trem 2 Points Black

Vegatrem VT1 Ultra Trem 2 Points Black

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The VT1 UltraTrem, also known as the Vega Trem, is a patented tremolo system (ES 1119430 U) based on two basic principles: the adaptation of the bridge dimensions to the existing standard cavity in the ST models and the bridge pivoting system.

Adapting the dimensions aims to allow the bridge to freely enter into the cavity of the guitar body by pulling the whammy bar back (tensioning the strings) and requires a redesign of the complete assembly (saddles, plate and block).

To optimize the movement of the bridge, the pivotal center of action has been changed by adding a part (fulcrum) that replaced the traditional concept of support on screws, giving more amplitude to that movement. The shape of the point of support of the plate on the fulcrum has also been changed, minimizing friction, which is practically non-existent.

The result is a homogeneous action very pleasing to the musical performance totally free of unwanted noises. (It is recommended to use low friction nuts and locking tuners). The system is easy to install, does not require drilling, sanding, or enlarging the original cavity and is the most compact tremolo on the market. It is made in Europe with high-quality materials and precision control used in surgical materials.

Additionally, it is available in a left-handed version and is designed for a more musical performance. The Vega Trem is specifically designed for guitars and is available for sale for Stratocaster models. It is a complete Vega Trem system that includes the Vega Trem bridge and other components that provide stability and versatility without modifying the guitar.

If you have already mounted, adjusted or simply changed strings with any of the existing tremolos on the market and you are not a handyman or aspiring luthier, then you already know it isn’t such an easy task at all. So we have redesigned everything so that with a simple video and a screwdriver you can mount your VT1 UltraTrem in the blink of an eye. And if when you hear the word dismount you see the Antichrist, do not worry, your luthier or your trusted store will be happy: they will never have earned such easy money for doing something so simple.

If you have looked into it, you will know that up until today, mounting your floating bridge on an ST type guitar meant that you always needed to modify, and this meant drilling new holes, and screwing into the original bridge cavity. Whether your beloved Stratocaster is a classic or an upgraded standard, A PROFANE ACT indeed! For this reason, we invented the VT1 UltraTrem. That means not having to drill, sand, or enlarge anything, since it fits perfectly into the original cavity.

If, by what you’ve read so far, you’re not convinced that changing to VT1 offers enough benefits? Well, there’s one more very important reason: the VT1 is, by its original design, the most compact tremolo on the market, therefore, it does not stick out from the body, as usually happens with other tremolos, and this means the whammy bar won’t in any way hinder your interpretation.

If you love the look of your guitar you will not be thrilled to have to replace the original bridge with a metal brick like the tremolos thus far available on the market. But that’s history. The VT1 UltraTrem fits almost in the same space as the original bridge, so your guitar will look as beautiful as ever and you will love the stainless steel top coating. Because although we may not confess it, we all care about our aesthetics and we all have a Rock Star soul.

VegaTrem now is the right place for lefties looking for a whole new level of stability and versatility without modifying the guitar. Here is the UltraTrem VT1 LH. This left-handed tremolo has the same quality and price than the standard version.

All the mechanical improvements of the VT1 UltraTrem, in relation to everything previously existing, make it behave in a more musical way, it is no longer just the tone and the absence of noise, it is also that the intervals that you get when tightening the strings are harmonically compatible, so you can add to your interpretation, the typical phrasing of a pedal Steel, or super tuned glissandos.

The quality of a VT1 UltraTrem bridge is born not only of a particularly reliable and robust design, but also of the exceptionally reliable manufacturing process. All of its components are made of high quality stainless steel, even the block is made of galvanized steel. We manufacture in Europe with the same materials, quality, process and precision control used in the manufacturing of surgical materials. This is the only way to offer you an unbeatable 2 years warranty (we double the guarantee period of the best sold vibratos all over the world until now).

For the correct maintenance of your VT1 system, make sure to keep the trem bar receiving bushing greased as well as the fulcrum grooves on which the plate rests. We recommend the use of lubricants such as lithium grease, molybdenum disulfide or similar.

VT1 Ultra Trem 2-points

For guitars that are fitted with vibrato 2-point system. Finished in high quality stainless steel.

The pack includes springs, adaptors and screws for the fulcrum and 1.5 mm (1/16 “) and 2.5 mm (3/32”) allen keys.


Kairon is the Official distributor of VEGATREM for the US.
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