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Hotone Pulze AP30WH Multifunctional Modern Bluetooth Modeling Amplifier White Edition 30 Watts

Hotone Pulze AP30WH Multifunctional Modern Bluetooth Modeling Amplifier White Edition 30 Watts

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Multifunctional Modern

Bluetooth Modeling Amplifier

Pulze is a modern Bluetooth digital modeling amplifier with a minimalist exterior design, suitable for a variety of electric and acoustic instruments. Meticulously designed enclosure and speakers ensure high-quality audio playback performance and professional instrument tones within a portable form factor, faithfully reproducing classic sounds found on records. With a fully touchscreen operation combined with Bluetooth 5.0 module and a companion mobile app, Pulze offers a user-friendly, intelligent operating experience. It integrates recording, live streaming, and more features to inspire and capture your musical creativity at any time.

Pulze offers 2 options of color palettes. They are Luna and Eclipse.

Inheriting innovation

For a long time, Hotone's comprehensive effects, have been acclaimed by many musicians for their excellent sound quality and authentic feel. Hotone's signature CDCM HD and F.I.R.E. digital modeling technology has continually evolved.

A convergence of core technology

Now, our experienced team has injected our digital modeling technology into the all-new Pulze Amplifier. With a high-quality dual-core digital processing platform, powerful algorithms can be fully utilized.

Innovative and unique enclosure design

Pulze strikes a perfect balance between tone and size.

With a carefully designed ABS enclosure and a pair of custom 3.5-inch full-range speakers,

everything is tailored to provide dynamic, rich, detailed, and exceptional tones during your performances.

From the bedroom to the stage,

rock out freely

Typically, tube amplifiers require ample space to unleash their immense volume. However, Pulze delivers outstanding sound performance at any volume level, making it the ideal choice for both practice and home performances. Additionally, the stereo Class D amplifier, combined with 30 watts of output power, allows Pulze to shine in small-scale live venues.

More than just playing,

music follows you everywhere

"It's a professional instrument amplifier and a portable audio system for enjoying music" ——That's the initial concept behind Pulze's design. Engineered with precision, Pulze not only faithfully reproduces the characteristics of musical instruments but also serves as a stunning stereo speaker. With multiple connectivity options like USB, Bluetooth, and Aux In, Pulze allows you to play high-quality music from your computer and smartphone anytime, anywhere. Its transparent highs and well-defined lows provide a live music experience wherever you are.

Space+ Soundstage Enhancement, immersive experience

Building upon true stereo signal processing and audio playback, Pulze incorporates the innovative Space+ stereo enhancement technology. It creates a broader soundstage, more realistic presence, and richer sound depth, whether you're playing or listening to music. Pulze surrounds you with an immersive listening experience.

A wealth of tones

46 amps simulations

48 cabs simulations

60+ classic effects simulations

20 user IR slots with 5 built-in Celestion-authorized classic speaker IRs

Free combinations

Traditional amps have a limited sound range, and assembling a set of effect boards can be costly. Pulze offers a one-stop solution, combining a speaker and effects in one.

7 available effect modules

200 tone preset slots

Adjustable effect chains

make it easy to save and switch between tone presets.

A highly tech-savvy control experience

The innovative 4-inch full-color touchscreen design

Liberates you from traditional knobs and buttons. You can swiftly adjust settings with a touch of your fingertip.

The companion mobile app

Connects via Bluetooth, allowing you to wirelessly edit effect chains and various parameters.

With built-in playlist mode and Bluetooth 5.0 support

You can enjoy music playback on your terms. (Note: Bluetooth MIDI control requires third-party Bluetooth MIDI bridging software support.)

Make it Yours

Pulze's full-color touchscreen offers a customizable interface, allowing you to freely select your most-used effect modules and parameters. In addition, Pulze features adjustable ambient lighting, theme colors, and knob styles, enabling you to express your unique aesthetic preferences to the fullest.

Capture your creativity,

let inspiration flow

Pulze's built-in sound card enables audio recording via USB and supports Reamping. After recording your performance, you can use Pulze to adjust the tone at any time and enjoy high-quality true stereo audio playback.

Use DAW and other tools to produce your music or band demos and save and share your work whenever you like.

Live-stream your performances everywhere

Pulze's USB Audio comes with Loopback functionality, allowing you to conveniently live-stream over the internet. You can play audio accompaniments on your computer and perform live for your audience. Pulze also records Bluetooth audio and Aux In audio, expanding your creative possibilities.

Cloud Sound Community,

freely share your creativity

Pulze's official sound community, accessible through the companion mobile app, lets you register an account in just two minutes. You can easily upload your sound creativity or download presets from artists and other users. No need to spend time searching for sound parameters—massive cloud-based sound presets are available for download to your phone and Pulze at any time and place.


✪ Compact Bluetooth® modeling amplifier suitable for various instruments

✪ Special-tuned ABS cabinet ensures wide stereo soundstage, faithful sound reproduction, firm and deep bass in a compact, lightweight enclosure

✪ Dual 3.5" full range speakers, 30W (15W+15W) output power

✪ Evolved CDCM HD & F.I.R.E. modeling system ensures high end tonal expressiveness and realistic playing experience

✪ Authentic stereo processing & audio playback, Space+ stereo enhancing technology for immersing soundstage

✪ Powerful dual-core DSP platform and 24-bit digital signal processing ensures excellent sound quality

✪ 4-inch 800×480 dynamic touchscreen and flexible UI for intuitive control

✪ Bluetooth® 5.0 dual-mode module for audio playback and remote control

✪ Supports wireless control via Bluetooth® MIDI¹

✪ CDCM HD & F.I.R.E. modeling effects including:

- 46 amp models

- 48 cab models

- Legendary pedal models

✪ High quality Hotone original effects incl. drive/dynamic/filter/mod/delay/reverb models and more

✪ Supports adding up to 20 user IR

✪ 5 classic Celestion® speaker IRs included - Powered by Celestion® Digital

✪ Up to 7 simultaneous effect modules, editable effects chain order

✪ USB port for firmware updating or USB audio interface function (supports loopback and reamp)

✪ Supports saving max. 200 tones (presets)

✪ Acoustic simulation effects and tones

✪ Songlist mode for switching tones in seconds

✪ Download/upload/share your favorite tones via Hotone Community

✪ Built-in drum machine/metronome with 100 patterns

✪ Built-in precise tuner

✪ Phones jack for silent practicing

✪ Recordable aux in jack

✪ Customizable user display for designing your own control panel

✪ Customizable knob types, theme and atmosphere light colors²

✪ Built-in atmosphere lights with brightness control

✪ Detachable PU leather strap

✪ Multiple colors available

✪ 18V DC power supply

¹ 3rd party Bluetooth® MIDI bridging software is required for Bluetooth® MIDI control

² Atmosphere light color follows theme color settings


Frequency Range



Two 3.5" custom full range speakers

Power Amp

Class D stereo power amp with 30W output (15W+15W, 1% THD)

Digital Audio Signal Processing

24-bit depth, 44.1kHz sample rate

No. of Effect Modules


No. of Effects

177 (incl. Global EQ)


5.0 Dual-Mode (BLE & audio) with Bluetooth® MIDI support

Tones (Presets)

Max. 200 tones

Drum Machine

100 rhythm patterns incl. metronome


One 1/4″ Tip Sleeve (TS) instrument jack

One 1/8″ Stereo Auxiliary In (Aux In) jack


One 1/8″ stereo headphones output jack


4" 800 x 480 Color Dynamic Display Touch Screen

USB Port

USB 2.0 Type-C port, supports USB Audio 2.0

USB Audio

2-in/2-out USB audio interface with loopback and reamp support

IR processing

Supports 24-bit/44.1kHz Mono WAV files, 1024 points; Supports up to 20 user IRs

Power Requirements

18V DC Center Positive

Current Consumption



455mm (W) ×161mm (D) ×171mm (H)



Box Dimensions
10*10*20 Inches


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