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Electric Guitar Soloking MS-1 Classic MKII IN Denim Burst With 5A Flame Top Nafiri Special Run Jescar

Electric Guitar Soloking MS-1 Classic MKII IN Denim Burst With 5A Flame Top Nafiri Special Run Jescar

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Introducing the Nafiri Special Run Model, a guitar that embodies the perfect harmony of craftsmanship and innovation, designed to inspire and empower musicians.

Crafted with an American Alder body, featuring an extended back cutaway, this guitar offers effortless access to the upper frets, allowing you to explore the full range of your creativity. The addition of a solid 6mm 5A Grade Flame Maple top not only enhances the guitar's aesthetics but also contributes to its rich and resonant tone.

The one-piece Micarta Rosewood neck, with a modern D shape and a 9.5" fingerboard radius, provides a comfortable and ergonomic playing experience. With a 42.7mm nut width made from Nubone XB, precise string spacing is ensured for optimal playability.

Designed for maximum playing comfort, the contoured body design ensures easy access to the upper frets, allowing you to effortlessly express yourself on stage or in the studio. Equipped with 22 JESCAR USA Stainless Steel 47095-S frets, this guitar delivers exceptional durability and playability, ensuring every note rings out with clarity and precision.

The Soloking Custom HSS Alnico pickups set, complete with a coil split switch, offers a versatile range of tones to suit any musical style. The Soloking Two Point Modern Tremolo System, featuring a screw-in handle, provides smooth and precise pitch modulation, while the spoke wheel truss rod adjustment ensures easy access for neck adjustments.

Designed for superior tuning stability, the Soloking Custom Locking Tuners keep your strings in tune, even during the most demanding performances. The intuitive control layout includes 1 volume (CTS), 1 tone (CTS), and a 5-way switch (CRL Style), giving you complete control over your sound.

With a sleek black pickguard complementing its Special Limited Edition finish in Denim Burst, this guitar is as visually striking as it is sonically captivating. Strung with D'Addario strings for exceptional tone and playability, the Nafiri Special Run Model is a testament to the artistry and dedication of its creators, making it a must-have for collectors and musicians alike.


- American Alder body with extended back cutaway for easy access to upper frets
- Solid 6mm 5A Grade Flame Maple Top
- One Piece Micarta Rosewood Neck with Modern D Shape and 9.5 FB Radius
- 42.7mm Nut Width (Nubone XB)
- Contoured Body for easy upper fret access and maximum playing comfort
- 22 JESCAR USA Stainless Steel 47095-S Frets
- Soloking Custom HSS Alnico Pickups Set with Coil Split Switch
- Soloking Two Point Modern Tremolo System with Screw In Handle
- Spoke Wheel Truss Rod Adjustment for easy Truss Rod Adjustment
- Soloking Custom Locking Tuners
- 1 Volume + 1 Tone (CTS) + 5 Way Switch (CRL Style)
- Black Pickguard
- Strung with D Addario Strings
- Special Limited Edition Finish Denim Burst
- Exclusive Nafiri Special Run Model

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