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Electric Guitar Soloking MS-1 Classic Gold Sparkle With Roasted Flame Maple Neck Nafiri Special Run

Electric Guitar Soloking MS-1 Classic Gold Sparkle With Roasted Flame Maple Neck Nafiri Special Run

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Introducing the ultimate fusion of craftsmanship and innovation, the Soloking Custom HSS Electric Guitar embodies precision engineering and unparalleled playability. Crafted with an alder body featuring an extended back cutaway, this guitar ensures effortless access to the upper frets, unlocking limitless sonic possibilities.

A masterpiece of design, the one-piece Artist Grade Canadian Roasted Flame Maple neck boasts a modern D shape and a 9.5" radius, delivering a sublime playing experience. With dimensions of 21mm at the 1st fret and 22.5mm at the 12th fret, it offers a perfect balance of comfort and performance. The 42.7mm Nut Width, crafted from Nubone XB, enhances resonance and sustain while providing optimal string spacing.

Designed for the discerning musician, this guitar features a contoured body for maximum playing comfort and easy access to the upper frets. The 22 jumbo stainless steel frets ensure unparalleled durability and precision, while the Soloking Custom HSS Alnico pickups, coupled with a coil split switch, offer a versatile range of tones, from crisp cleans to searing leads.

The Soloking Two Point Modern Tremolo System, adorned with a screw-in handle in gold, provides impeccable tuning stability and expressive control over pitch modulation. With a spoke wheel truss rod adjustment, fine-tuning the instrument's neck relief is effortless, ensuring optimal playability in any environment.

Equipped with Soloking Custom Locking Tuners V2 in gold, this guitar guarantees rock-solid tuning stability, allowing you to focus solely on your performance. The intuitive control layout includes 1 volume, 1 tone, and a 5-way switch, powered by CTS pots and a CRL style switch, offering seamless tone shaping and versatility.

Completing its aesthetic appeal, the pearloid pickguard adds a touch of elegance to the instrument's striking design. Elevate your playing to new heights with the Soloking Custom HSS Electric Guitar, where precision craftsmanship meets uncompromising performance.


- Alder body with extended back cutaway for easy access to upper frets
- One Piece Artist Grade Canadian Roasted Flame Maple Neck with Modern D Shape and 9.5 Radius
- Neck dimension 21mm (1st Fret) and 22.5mm (12th fret)
- 42.7mm Nut Width (Nubone XB)
- Contoured Body for easy upper fret access and maximum playing comfort
- 22 Jumbo Stainless Steel Frets for maximum durability
- Soloking Custom HSS Alnico Pickups Set with Coil Split Switch
- Soloking Two Point Modern Tremolo System with Screw In Handle in Gold
- Spoke Wheel Truss Rod Adjustment for easy Truss Rod Adjustment
- Soloking Custom Locking Tuners V2 Gold
- 1 Volume + 1 Tone + 5 Way Switch
- CTS Pots and CRL Style Switch
- Pearloid Pickguard

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