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DemonFx Ts Breaker Overdrive Clone Pedal

DemonFx Ts Breaker Overdrive Clone Pedal

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TS.BREAKER is a dual overdrive guitar pedal and the ultimate tone machine, providing a variety of delicious tones. It can be used as an always on drive tone all the way to a mid boosting lead tone. Our take on the legendary TS9 Tube Screamer-style overdrive and the Black Box Bluesbreaker, it features two independent overdrives, giving you two classic drive sounds favored by many guitarists in one enclosure.

The TS.BREAKER is divided into a side Bluesbreaker(left) and a side TS9 (right), separated by the order toggle switch in the middle which flips the internal order of the effects and hence the signal path from guitar to amp.

Side B features the Bluesbreaker-style circuit with external knobs for GAIN, TONE, VOLUME and a two position toggle switch labeled CLIPPING. The clipping switch toggles between Two Clipping models soft and hard .

The side T features the TS9-style circuit with external knobs for DRIVE, TONE, LEVEL and a two position toggle switch labeled CLIPPING. The clipping switch toggles between Two Clipping models .

Both sides can be used separately or stacked.

TRS split: Besides using the two sides of 'TS.BREAKER in serial mode, either T->B or T<-B, . The two 1/4" jacks, which in serial mode are used for signal in and out, will in split mode serve as IN+OUT for each side.



Side B (left)

- Replica of the circuit of the first BB1 - Black Box Blues Breaker circuit.

- External two position clipping toggle switch for two models clipping response

Side T (Right)

- Exact replica of the TS9 -circuit.

- External two position Clipping switch to switch between a pair of si - or a pair of led clipping diodes in the overdrive gain stage.

External switch to choose in which order the signal passes through the two circuits.

- Dimension:

115 mm x 95 mm x 35 mm


The TS.BREAKER requires a regulated 9-volt DC power supply with standard 2.1mm jack tip negative polarity. (not included)

The max power consumption of the is 100mA (+9VDC). If operated with a power supply with insufficient current

capabilities, it will affect the performance. So make sure your +9V-DC power supply is capable of delivering 100mA.

We recommend you to use a quality power supply with isolated outputs.

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