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DemonFx Super Symmetry Compressor Darkglass Super Symmetry Bass Pedal Clone

DemonFx Super Symmetry Compressor Darkglass Super Symmetry Bass Pedal Clone

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The Demonfx Pedal Based On Darkglass Super Symmetry
The Super Symmetry offers all the transparency and precision of a modern compressor with the twist
that its inherent envelope effect is reminiscent of old school compressors.
The Super Symmetry offers highly customizable bass compression.
Modern Transparency and Vintage Squish
The Super Symmetry bass compressor effects pedal blends the best of modern transparency and an
old-school feel. The Super Symmetry's controls for compression, attack, and release precisely dial
in your sound, while the onboard blend control reintroduces your unaffected signal.
When you need a great compressor for recording, eliminating aggressive transients when slapping,
or just evening out your sound, check out the Super Symmetry.
The Super Symmetry has 6 knobs. INPUT and OUTPUT are self-explanatory. Match the INPUT to the
signal of your bass and you’re good to go. The OUTPUT can be used as a ‘make-up gain’ as
compression naturally lowers the signal, so use that to compensate at the output stage.
The actual compression parameters are traditionally defined by threshold and ratio parameters, but
on this pedal you get one COMPRESSION knob that simply gives you more/less compression.
However, you get dedicated ATTACK and RELEASE knobs to fine-tune exactly how fast/slow the
compression grabs our tone – and for how long it holds on to it. So to speak.
Finally, there is a BLEND knob. I have come to really appreciate having a blend option on a
compressor pedal. It just allows for so much more use of the compression range if you can mix in the
dry signal with the original attack.

1/4” jack Signal Input

1/4” jack Signal output.

Uses 9V DC Negative Center (not included)

Sets the amount of compression
(Peak Reduction).

Adjusts the gain on the
compressor. Besides working
great for ensuring clean operationit also allows for adjusting the
threshold over which the
compressor starts reducing gain. Higher input settings will result
in higher levels of compression.

Sets the time after which the
signal goes back to pre
gain-reduction levels. Higher
release settings will hold the
compressed signal for shorter

Mixes the compressed and clean
signals, ideal for fast compression
adjustment (to reduce it you can
dial back the blend and avoid
having to readjust your Input and
Output levels for unity gain)

Sets the output volume of the
compressed signal.

Sets the time until gain reduction
begins (higher settings will translate
into faster Attack times).

Compression the LED indicator

Technical Specifications
Input Impedance 1M
Output Impedance 1k
Current Consumption ~31mA
Voltage 9V DC (Center Negative) (not included)

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Chloe Jensen
Good comp

DG copy. Well done. The store is amazing. Shopped and received on record time.