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DemonFx RDW Workstation Delay y Reverb Keeley ClonePedal

DemonFx RDW Workstation Delay y Reverb Keeley ClonePedal

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Based on Keeley Delay Workstation


TheDemonfx Delay Workstation is a powerful,
dual DSP processor delay and reverb machine.
Combining delay and reverb patches in an incredibly small package,
the Workstation is an extremely creative tool.

With the Workstation you can combine vintage slapback and
multi-head tape echoes with Spring or plate reverbs to create some
instantly classic sound spaces. You can set the Workstation for
warm sounding analog delays and then use the chamber or hall
reverbs to create a huge warm and endless space. Need rhythmic
delays with some shimmer? It’s here. Always wanted to have the
perfect ducking delay? One that backs out of the way until your
done with your notes, then the echoes fill in. “Ducking” is a very
intelligent way for clearing the clutter in a sound that would normally
be overrun with delays and echoes. Wanna get twisted? Try the
Pitch delay into our Flanged Reverb.

The Reverb side of the Workstation contains all of the most
common reverbs and some delays. The Morph control allows users
to put creative twists on the reverb patches like spring tension,
shimmer, and random flanging. There are two delays included in
the reverb bank. You can use these to setup very cool ping-pong
delays and many other creative rhythmic patterns.
Two banks of eight legendary effects. Super Fidelity.Super Compact.
The Workstation has on-board tap tempo on the Delay side and
external expression control on the Reverb side.

Effects Include:
Slapback w/reverb
Tape Delay w/tone control
Multi-Head Echo w/3 head control
Analog Delay w/dynamic modulation
Digital Delay w/inverse dynamic modulation
Subdivided Delay w/dotted eighth, eighth, triplet, sixteenth
Ducking w/compression ratio
Pitch Shifting delay with w/octave up/down control
Spring Reverb w/tension control
Chamber Reverb w/filter control
Hall Reverb w/tone control
Plate Reverb w/tone control
Shimmer w/octave up control
Flanged Reverb w/vibrato or random modulation

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