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DemonFx King Spark Overdrive Guitar Pedal

DemonFx King Spark Overdrive Guitar Pedal

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This amazing pedal is designed and built by handmade and using the best quality
components and using the plug-in(not SMD) components .
The KING SPARK Overdrive provides a versatile range
of overdrive tones that enhance the natural sound
of your guitar and amp setup

1 FOOTSWITCH toggles effect on/bypass ( LED indicates on)
2 LEVEL knob adjusts overall volume of effect
3 BASS knob cuts low end frequencies from pre-overdrive signal
4 CLIP switch sets clipping mode
5 DRIVE knob adjusts overdrive intensity
6 TREBLE knob cuts high end frequencies from post-overdrive signal
7 Power supply:DC9V Center negative (NOT INCLUDED)
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