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DemonFx Jan Ray Overdrive Electric Guitar Pedal

DemonFx Jan Ray Overdrive Electric Guitar Pedal

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The Jan Ray was designed to recreate the punchy clear tone of the
Blackface Fender amps from the 60’s. So-called the
“Fender Magic 6” sound. An easy to handle overdrive keeping the
characteristics of the guitar, with great sustain without any unnatural

FOOTSWITCH toggles effect on/bypass
(blue LED indicates on)
VOLUME knob adjusts overall volume of effect
BASS knob cuts low end frequencies
GAIN knob adjusts overdrive intensity
TREBLE knob cuts high end frequencies from
post-overdrive signal

Install a 9V battery in the unit (see below) or plug in a suitable 9Vdc,
center negative power supply. Plug your guitar into the input jack and
connect your amp to the output jack.
True bypass
Input Impedance:400k ohm
Output Impedance:1k ohm
Power Connector:9Vdc, center negative, 2.1mm x 5.5mm (NOT INCLUDED)
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