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DemonFx Golden Rat Distortion Pro Co RAT Clone Pedal

DemonFx Golden Rat Distortion Pro Co RAT Clone Pedal

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Based on Pro Co RAT
Legendary distortion pedal
Very versatile as a distortion for arena-rock rhythm tones and soaring leads, as a crunch channel
for loud amps, or as a boost for solos, and you can still maintain your amplifier's sound at the same

This controls the total volume output of
the RAT. Turn thisclockwise to increase the
total volume

This is the tone control. Turn this high cut
filter clockwise to decrease the amount of

Toggle Switch
Vintage RAT,Boost,Turbo RAT

Controls the amount of gain in the op-amp
circuit.Turn itclockwise to increase the
amount of overdrive.


Vintage/Boost/turbos witch
Distortion knob
Filter knob
Volume knob
Fat/Stock Switch Inside
True Bypass footswitch
Power Supply DC9V Center negative (NOT INCLUDED)
Weight 300g
Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 12 x 6 x 5 CM
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