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DemonFx Dual Boost Fortin 33 and Xotic Ep Clone Pedal

DemonFx Dual Boost Fortin 33 and Xotic Ep Clone Pedal

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Based on FORTIN AMPLIFICATION 33 Booster and XOTIC EP Booster
Combine two booster in one pedal and add a FX LOOP

3-BOOST Based on FORTIN 33 Booster
The 3 Booster is a Clean Booster effects
pedal for Electric Guitar .
With a level boost of up to 22dB,
the 33 transforms any Guitar Amp into
a brute high-gain wrecking ball without
distorting its sound character.

The E Booster pedal delivers up to 20dB of
boost that will add an undeniably rich
character to your guitar tone
Used the highest quality parts available with
a discrete FET design and low impedance
output A top quality preamp or solo boost as
used by the pros.

Control: Boost
LED: effect on
Footswitch: Effect Bypass
Input: 6.35 mm jack
Output: 6.35 mm jack
Power connection: coaxial connector 5.5 x 2.1 mm, negative pole inside
Current consumption: 100 mA
Truue Bypass
Power supply : 9 V DC power supply ( not included)
Dimensions (W x D x H): 90 x 120 x 50 mm
Weight: 450g

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