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DemonFx Breaker Drive Overdrive Bluesbreaker Clone Pedal

DemonFx Breaker Drive Overdrive Bluesbreaker Clone Pedal

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High-Quality Demonfx Breaker Drive Guitar Pedal
Overdrive Distortion with True Bypass

Inspired by a Marshall Bluesbreaker pedal released in 1992, it brings the same character at a fraction of the price. If you want to keep your original tone intact with a bit of additional gain, the BREAKER DRIVE will add a smooth saturation to your sound without coloring it, allowing the character of your guitar and amplifier to shine brighter than ever.

The BREAKER DRIVE is a low-gain articulate pedal to add some extra thickness to a rhythmic sound, but with increased gain, it will add tons of smooth sustain that provides power and clarity, ideal for a solo boost!


Power supply not included.

Use a 9V DC power adapter with center-negative polarity (Not Included)
otherwise, the product may not function correctly.
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