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DemonFx B3K Overdrive Electric Bass Pedal

DemonFx B3K Overdrive Electric Bass Pedal

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Based on Darkglass Electronics MICROTUBES B3K
An intuitive format that contains brutality and clarity at the same time is what
the B3K delivers. A defined and powerful overdrive, with a simple layout
gives no limits and set no rules to unleash the desired tone.

Mixes the clean input signal with
the overdriven signal. The clean
signal remains at unity gain while
the volume of the overdriven signal
is set by the Level knob, allowing
for fine control of the blend ratio.

Sets the volume of the overdriven

When engaged provides a massive low
end boost to really thicken your sound.

Connect from the ¼” Output jack to the
input of your amplifier or another effects

Controls the high frequency content of the
sound. A variable low pass filter from 3kHz (ccw) to 8kHz (cw).

Sets the amount of saturation in the
overdriven signal.

Mid Boost
Gives a subtle 6dB boost from 300
Hz to 1kHz to help you cut through a
bit more.

Connect your instrument or output
from your pedal board to the ¼” mono

Technical Specifications
Input Impedance 500 kΩ
Output Impedance 1 kΩ
Current Consumption 17mA
Voltage 9V DC Center negative - not included
Width 65 mm
Height 115 mm
Depth 43 mm
Weight 300 g
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