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Demonfx Angel Blue Drive Timmy Overdrive V2.0 Clone Pedal

Demonfx Angel Blue Drive Timmy Overdrive V2.0 Clone Pedal

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The Demonfx Overdrive provides a versatile range of overdrive tones that enhance thenatural sound of your guitar and amp setup. With three different clipping options and
ingeniously configured Bass and Treble controls, this pedal offers players a tone of
options to make the most of their playing and recording experience.

1. Start with VOLUME and GAIN controls at 12 o’clock
and BASS and TREBLE controls fully clockwise.
2. Turn effect on by depressing the footswitch.
3. Use CLIP switch to select your preferred clipping style:
The up position provides asymmetrical clipping with
moderate saturation and slight compression for a wide,
dynamic range of sounds.
The Down position provides symmetrical clipping with
heavy saturation and low headroom.
4. Rotate VOLUME knob clockwise to increase overall
volume or counterclockwise to decrease it.
5. Rotate GAIN knob clockwise to increase overdrive
intensity or counterclockwise to decrease it.
6. Rotate BASS knob counterclockwise to reduce bass
frequencies to your taste.
7. Rotate TREBLE knob counterclockwise to reduce high
frequencies to your tast
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