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DemonFx 10 Band Eq+ Buffer Booster

DemonFx 10 Band Eq+ Buffer Booster

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The Demonfx Ten Band Graphic EQ+BufferBooster gives players
huge amounts of tone shaping and level control in a bullet-proof
enclosure. This pedal has been upgraded with noise-reduction
With ten carefully chosen frequencies and input and output level
controls, the Ten Band EQ will let you tune your bass or guitar rig
to any room in seconds.

1 VOLUME slider controls
overall effect volume
2 EQ sliders boost or attenuate
up to ±18dB at six different
frequency centers
3 GAIN controls Buffer and amount
of gain boost
4 FOOTSWITCH toggles effect

• Run a cable from your guitar to the 10 EQ’s INPUT jack and run
another cable from the 10 Eq’s OUTPUT jack to your amplifier.
• Set all sliders to their 0dB position and depress the footswitch to
turn the pedal on.
• Move the VOLUME slider up to increase overall effect volume or
down to decrease it.
• Adjust the BufferBoost knob :=0 :clean buffer,>0 : buffer and clean
• Move PARAGRAPHIC sliders up to boost or down to cut
associated frequency by up to ±12dB.

Please use a 9V DC power supply with (–) polarity on the middle pin. Not Included
Using the incorrect supply may damage your pedal.
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