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Demon Fx DemonFx Mini Chorus Electric Guitar Clone Pedal

Demon Fx DemonFx Mini Chorus Electric Guitar Clone Pedal

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Demonfx MINI CHORUS Based on Analogman Mini Chorus
A high-class, rich-sounding chorus pedal!
Mini Chorus pedal is a fabulously warm, shimmery chorus with a
distinct voice.
It offers controls for Speed and Depth Mix knob and Depth toggle
Mix knob has a detente at noon because that's a 50/50 blend, but as
others have mentioned, playing with the mix knob allows
you to mix in a very subtle chorus by backing it down from noon. I've
found that by maxing out the "mix" control you can even achieve a
really neat vibrato effect.
In addition, you can switch between normal and deep with a toggle
switch, enabling a deeper chorus sound.
Depth Option: Depth Toggle Switch options

Effect Pedal for Guitar
True Bypass
Controls for speed, depth, mix(blend),Depth Toggle Switch
Dimensions: 115 x 64 x 36 mm
Design by Japan
Powered by DC9V ,Negative Centre (not including)
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