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Demon Fx DemonFx Ghast Echo Reverb Electric Guitar Pedal

Demon Fx DemonFx Ghast Echo Reverb Electric Guitar Pedal

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Based on Earthquakerdivices Ghost Echo
Vintage Voiced Reverb

This Creepy analog/digital spring reverb emulation machine
boasts a terrifyng 30ms-150ms or pre delay
controllable via the attack knob, for everything from a quick
rockabilly slapback, to viscous pools of ectoplasmic reverberations.
When playing staccato, you'll hear the tortured
trails of the reverb, resulting un more of a slapback, o rcho sound.
Playing will reveal a massive ambient "depth" that fattens up
the sound and look out it's right behind you! Phew, that was close.
The Dwell control sets the lenght and thickness of the decay, which is to say
that it controls how long the disembodied spirits of notes no longer with us
float through the ether;
at the maximum setting, it will decend into an infinite loop of selfoscillation.
The depth sets the intensity of the reverb, which you probably knows as the
wet/dry mix, bit we like to think of it more as how scary the overal effet is.


Panel Function

Attack: Adjust the lenght of the pre-delay, 
from 30ms at minimum to about 150ms
at maximum. When the Dwell is set to
self-oscillate, this will change the pitch of the

Dwell: Adjusts the length of decay.
This will start to self oscillate around
3 o'clock. The pitch of the oscillations
can be changed by turning the attack control.

Depth: Mixes in the wet signal with the dry.
Unity is around noon and everything after is


Imput impedance: 10m
Output impedance: 1k
True bypass
Power connector: 9V dc, center negative, 2.1mm x 5.5mm (NOT INCLUDED)
Dimensions (L*W*H) 11.5 X 6.5 X 5 CM
Weight: 320g


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